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Monday, March 23, 2015

The 3 Decisions That Will Change Your Financial Life

Decision 1: Carefully choose what to focus on.
At every moment, millions of things compete for your attention. You can focus on things that are happening right here and now or on what you want to create in the future. Or you can focus on the past.
Where focus goes, energy flows. What you focus on and your pattern for doing so shapes your entire life. 
Which area do you tend to focus on more: what you have or what’s missing from your life?
I’m sure you think about both sides of this coin. But if you examine your habitual thoughts, what do you tend to spend most of your time dwelling on? 
Rather than focusing on what you don’t have and begrudging those who are better off than you financially, perhaps you should acknowledge that you have much to be grateful for and some of it has nothing to do with money. You can be grateful for your health, family, friends, opportunities and mind.

Developing a habit of appreciating what you have can create a new level of emotional well-being and wealth. But the real question is, do you take time to deeply feel grateful with your mind, body, heart and soul? That’s where the joy, happiness and fulfillment can be found.

Consider a second pattern of focus that affects the quality of your life: Do you tend to focus more on what you can control or what you can’t?
If you focus on what you can’t control, you’ll have more stress in life. You can influence many aspects of your life but you usually can’t control them. 
When you adopt this pattern of focus, your brain has to make another decision:  

Decision 2: Figure out, What does this all mean?
Ultimately, how you feel about your life has nothing to do with the events in it or with your financial condition or what has (or hasn't) happened to you. The quality of your life is controlled by the meaning you give these things.
Most of the time you may be unaware of the effect of your unconscious mind in assigning meaning to life’s events. 
When something happens that disrupts your life (a car accident, a health issue, a job loss), do you tend to think that this is the end or the beginning?
If someone confronts you, is that person insulting you, coaching you or truly caring for you?
Does a devastating problem mean that God is punishing you or challenging you? Or is it possible that this problem is a gift from God? 
Your life takes on whatever meaning you give it. With each meaning comes a unique feeling or emotion and the quality of your life involves where you live emotionally. 
I always ask during my seminars, “How many of you know someone who is on antidepressants and still depressed?” Typically 85 percent to 90 percent of those assembled raise their hands.

How is this possible? The drugs should make people feel better. It's true that antidepressants do come with labels warning that suicidal thoughts are a possible side effect.
But no matter how much a person drugs himself, if he constantly focuses on what he can’t control in life and what’s missing, he won't find it hard to despair. If he adds to that a meaning like “life is not worth living,” that's an emotional cocktail that no antidepressant can consistently overcome. 
Yet if that same person can arrive at a new meaning, a reason to live or a belief that all this was meant to be, then he will be stronger than anything that ever happened to him.
When people shift their habitual focus and meanings, there’s no limit on what life can become. A change of focus and a shift in meaning can literally alter someone's biochemistry in minutes. 
So take control and always remember: Meaning equals emotion and emotion equals life. Choose consciously and wisely. Find an empowering meaning in any event, and wealth in its deepest sense will be yours today. 
Once you create a meaning in your mind, it creates an emotion, and that emotion leads to a state for making your third decision:

Decision 3: What will you do?  
The actions you take are powerfully shaped by the emotional state you're in. If you're angry, you're going to behave quite differently than if you're feeling playful or outrageous. 
If you want to shape your actions, the fastest way is to change what you focus on and shift the meaning to be something more empowering.
Two people who are angry will behave differently. Some pull back. Others push through.
Some individuals express anger quietly. Others do so loudly or violently. Yet others suppress it only to look for a passive-aggressive opportunity to regain the upper hand or even exact revenge.  
Where do these patterns come from? People tend to model their behavior on those they respect, enjoy and love.
The people who frustrated or angered you? You often reject their approaches.
Yet far too often you may find yourself falling back into patterns you witnessed over and over again in your youth and were displeased by. 

It’s very useful for you to become aware of your patterns when you are frustrated, angry or sad or feel lonely. You can’t change your patterns if you’re not aware of them.
Now that you’re aware of the power of these three decisions, start looking for role models who are experiencing what you want out of life. I promise you that those who have passionate relationships have a totally different focus and arrive at totally different meanings for the challenges in relationships than people who are constantly bickering or fighting. 
It’s not rocket science. If you become aware of the differences in how people approach these three decisions, you’ll have a pathway to help you create a permanent positive change in any area of life. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ou Will Need Just 5 Minutes to Get Rid of Blackheads With This Simple Homemade Remedy

Blackheads appear on your nose, cheeks, neck, and sometimes even on your shoulders. They are most certainly not something pleasant to look at, and people keep seeking for the easiest way to remove blackheads.

But, do not you think you should know more about what actually triggers the appearance of these dark spots on your skin?

Blackheads are clogged pores, and they commonly appear as a result of poor diet, hormonal imbalance, oily skin and greasy hair.
Yes, you can affect and treat each of these, but your next question is probably how to get rid of blackheads once they appear?
Try two super-simple and all-natural ingredients:
  • 1/2 lemon
  • a few drops of honey
Put a few drops of honey on the lemon half and gently rub it all over your face. Pay special attention to the problematic skin area.
Rinse your face after 5-7 minutes. Remember, you should always use cold water. You will see some improvement after the very first treatment – your skin will be super-soft and clean! Repeat the treatment few more times if needed.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Incredible Vitamin Bomb for Immunity Strength, Both for Children and Grown-ups

Recipe no.1 for both children and grown-ups:
Ingredients needed:

  • 100 g dried grapes
  • 150 g walnuts
  • 100 g almonds
  • lemon peel from 2 lemons
  • 100 g dried apricots
  • 100 g dried prunes
  • 300 g honeyGrind the dried grapes, the walnuts, the almonds, and the lemon peel in a grinding machine. Next, add lemon juice of 2 lemons to the mixture and mix it well. Furthermore, add the dried prunes and the dried apricots and mix again. In the end, add the honey and mix the concoction well. Leave the mixture to stay in a dark place for 1-2 days.
  • Children older than 3 years should consume 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.
  • Grown-ups should consume 1-2 tablespoons 3 times a day.
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Strong Immunity- This is the organism’s resistance to the various diseases that attack it constantly. Even though pharmacies offer a wide array of medicines for strengthening of immunity, natural and traditional remedies are still very popular among people and regarded as a better choice.


Honey and Ginger Kill Superbugs Better than Pharmaceutical Meds

Recently the pharmaceutical giants have trouble to keep up with new ways to kill the abundant waves of new and mutated bacteria. However, a research made in the College of Medicine at the University of Gondar in Ethiopia stipulates that we don’t actually need the big pharmaceutical companies in defeating diseases they’ve actually helped create. Namely, a combination of honey and a ginger powder extract are supposedly so powerful as to prevent the growth of resistant strains of disease germs like E Coli, Pneumonia and MRSA.
E Coli, pneumonia (Klebsiella pneumoniae) and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) are one of the worst germs that frequently attack our immune system. The Ethiopian researchers compared the honey with ginger powder mixture with three different antibiotics for their ability to fight germs and the results were fascinating: the antibiotics were defeated considerably. Ginger with water combination was also tested but not with such success.
The research summary was the following:
“Conclusion. The result of this study showed that honey-ginger powder extract mixtures have the potential to serve as cheap source of antibacterial agents especially for the drug resistant bacteria strains.”
The germs were exposed to each of the concoctions which took 20-24 hours to cultivate and examine. The 3 antibiotics that were used were known to be the “best” that pharmacy has to offer: amoxicillin, penicillin and methicillin. Five tests for each treatment of bacteria were made: 1-2 Escherichia coli (two different bacterial strains); 3 Klebsiella pneumoniae; 4-5 Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA and non-MRSA).
Unfortunately for the antibiotics, they didn’t even come close to be as effective as the honey + ginger mixture at suppressing bacterial growth. The closest antibiotic to come was only amoxicillin. The average inhibition levels of this honey + ginger combo extended at 25.62 and moved from 19 to 30, which was much higher than the results gained from the pharmaceuticals.
It didn’t take much to make the honey + ginger mixture either. Researchers just dried the sliced root pieces at 37 degrees for only 24h and then simply blended them with ethanol and methanol to create the half of the mixture. This was followed by applying honey to complete the solution. The water + ginger mixture didn’t have any effect on the bacteria. (This research was conducted by professions and the recipe used for research purposes only, so don’t try this at home). Consequently, it was confirmed in another study that alcohol removes the antibiotic properties from the ginger.

In the end, we should ask ourselves this simple question: is it in our interest to continue using antibiotics that could cause more than cure or discover healthy, natural alternatives. The answer should be obvious.