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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Criminal Procedure Code in Khmer and English Version

I hope the documents will be useful for all of you who are interested to study or conduct a research on the criminal justice in Cambodia. I just got a documents from my friend on the criminal procedure code in both Khmer and English.

Open house seminar of baseline study on legal drafting capacity in legal units

The seminar will then will organized on 23 January 2009 at the Cambodiana Hotel in Cambodia in order to find out gape to strengthen the capacity of law drafting of the legal drafting officers in all legal units of the ministries and institutions who are involved in the legal drafting. The objective of the seminar is to provide information of the baseline study process and the participation of all relevant stakeholders to contribute the idea how to strengthen the legal units as a focal point of each ministry/institution in the framework of legal drafting. Baseline Study Management Team under the Project Management Unit of the Council for Legal and Judicial Reform will be responsible to conduct the baseline study with the support from the German Technical Cooperation GTZ "Administration Reform and Decentralization Program", implemented by GTZ.