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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mundulkiri province

I went to Mundulkiri province to organize a dessemination seminar on legal and judicial reform strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia where is the priority of the governemnt i nthe reform policy among other reform strategies.

It was an amazing landscape along the road to the province where there are a lot of ethnic minority live like Pnong, Chray, Tompoun and so on. Closed to the province town we can see a very beautiful landscape and hills with a beautiful grass in the summer time. It remind me to remember the place where i used to stay more than one year in Germany. I feel the same place where i used to stay during my study for master degree there.

Even the weather is very much the same with the weather in Germany or we can say in Europe. the temperature there is around 14 c in the morning and 10 c at night. It is a beautiful place where i can't say more than words.