This website "Cambodian Law" is a small contribution of the access to laws and regulations of Cambodia and hope it can help interested people getting more understanding of the existing laws and regulations, including policy and strategy of the government of Cambodia. most of the information is refer to the link of other website. I would like to sincerely thank for all valuable website where i linked to for allow me to do so for Cambodian people and other interested people.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cambodian Legal Database

Cambodian Legal and Judicial Reform Program

Council for Legal and Judicial reform is one on the council to be responsible to implement the Plan of Action for Implementing Legal and Judicial reform Strategy of the government of Cambodia. The institution was established in 2003. So far there are many progress has been done by the Council. regarding to their mission of establish a credible and stable legal and judicial sector for Cambodia, the Council plays a key role with other implementing agencies with strong support from development partners to reform the legal and judicial sector.

Recently, the Council develop Cambodian Legal database to disseminate all laws and regulations adopted in Cambodia. everybody can access by Cambodian Legal Database or maybe it can be found in the hyperlink at the left pane (legal database).

the fist step they will upload all laws and regulations in Khmer then the English version will be prepared soon.