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Thursday, June 3, 2010

small contribution for reform

reform is a sensitive word for most of the developing country even for other developed country in the world who want to make their country more and more developed and make sure that people is living in the happiness and good welfare.

when we say the word "Change", in principle, there are two main options which are (1) Revolution and (2) Evolution. The first concept is very extreme option which can be good and bad in the short time. our society, Cambodia, had been applied so many decades already sine the year's 60. the first one is that we applied the concept to change our society from the Constitutional Monarchy to Republic which made a lot of issues happened in that time. The the second is we change from republic to extreme communism which no one had been applied for their country. they want to change everything to a pure communism which abolished all capitalism concept and other related issue on market. there was no market, no currency, no social class, ... they very much applied the three main concepts of Communism extremely. the three concepts of the extreme communism are EQUALITY, COLLECTIVE PROPERTY, and PLAN MARKET.

the last revolution of social system in Cambodia was happened in 1993 when Cambodia adopted immediately from the communism system to real democratic system which adopted from, mostly, western and USA style where it was so far from the social system in Cambodia adapted in communism system last time. actually there are a lot of issues has been find out from many research and studies from that changing. For example, understanding of concept of human rights and individual rights where most of people (ordinary people) think that they have all rights to do any thing without caring to other rights. this is a big issue since then the country become more and more misunderstanding among other people. anyway, this lesson, we should learn and make it more improved.

for me i thing that "EVOLUTION" concept is more and more adaptable to Cambodian society or other society since we need to reform from step by step in order to change social system of one country. however the reform or evolution should be taken more and more high consideration by all stakeholders, especially, decision makers. some initial idea from my mine is that:
  • develop a framework or policy of the reform of all sector for the whole country. the word "State Architecture" is more and more used by many developed country to develop their country policy or framework for the whole reform process on how the country will be moved to and which direction should be and what system that one country should be adapted. the idea is simple since, for example, before we construct house we need to design whole plan for the house - what kind of house do we need (western or local style), how many room, how big, and so on so for...
  • integrated plan and integrated financial plan for common implementation. the management term "Program Based Approach" is need to be considered with highly political commitment from all stakeholders (government and donor, government and private, government civil society, donor and civil society and all stakeholders is interact together).
  • clear function or roles of the implementation