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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cambodia governance Indicator Scorecard

Global Integrity Report

Cambodia: Integrity Indicators Scorecard

Overall Score: 46 (+/- 0.94) - Very Weak

Category ICivil Society, Public Information and Media41Very Weak
I-1Civil Society Organizations58Very Weak
I-2Media43Very Weak
I-3Public Access to Information22Very Weak
Category IIElections55Very Weak
II-1Voting & Citizen Participation86Strong
II-2Election Integrity75Moderate
II-3Political Financing5Very Weak
Category IIIGovernment Accountability31Very Weak
III-1Executive Accountability42Very Weak
III-2Legislative Accountability13Very Weak
III-3Judicial Accountability17Very Weak
III-4Budget Processes52Very Weak
Category IVAdministration and Civil Service36Very Weak
IV-1Civil Service Regulations30Very Weak
IV-2Whistle-blowing Measures48Very Weak
IV-3Procurement44Very Weak
IV-4Privatization24Very Weak
Category VOversight and Regulation48Very Weak
V-1National Ombudsman0Very Weak
V-2Supreme Audit Institution62Weak
V-3Taxes and Customs71Moderate
V-4State-Owned Enterprises48Very Weak
V-5Business Licensing and Regulation60Weak
Category VIAnti-Corruption and Rule of Law63Weak
VI-1Anti-Corruption Law89Strong
VI-2Anti-Corruption Agency45Very Weak
VI-3Rule of Law64Weak
VI-4Law Enforcement52Very Weak

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