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Friday, March 1, 2013

New Public Service Delivery Policy and Action

Making public administration close to the public is a priority goal of the Royal Government of Cambodia in the rectangular strategy of Cambodia. The Public Service Delivery Policy of the government, was adopted by the council of ministers in 2005, in which there are seven public service compendium had been set in the policy. Four of them were developed and published already, including justice and arbitration service compendium which developed by the Council for Legal and Judicial Reform in cooperation with the Council of Administration Reform.

Less expensive and less time consuming of public service is a top issue in the public service delivery. The public agencies has to provide the services fast and cheap manner fo the public. However , the implementation of delivering public services by the public agencies is still limited and sometimes there is no clear guideline or information where the citizens can access to.

In this beginning of 2013, the Prime Minister asked the relevant ministry and institutions of the government to re-enforce the implementation of the Public Service Delivery Policy in order to ensure excellent public service delivery by the public agencies. In this manner, the ministry of economic and finance had to cooperate with other relevant ministries and institutions of the government establishing joint-circular of the public services of the respective ministries and institutions. The National Anti-Corruption Council is a body to monitoring the implementation of the public service delivery of the respective government agencies. So citizens can complain to the body if there is problem in the delivering of the public services of the relevant government agencies.

So far, there are 17 ministries of the government had been issued joint-circular on public services delivery from their respective ministries.

Here is the following joint-circular of 14 ministries/institutions:

  1. Joint-Circular of Public Service Delivery of Ministry of Economic and Finance in Khmer
  2. Joint-Circular of Public Service delivery of Ministry of Commerce in Khmer
  3. Cambodian Development Council 
  4. State Secretariat of Civil Aviation 
  5. Ministry of Health
  6. Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy
  7. Ministry of Environment 
  8. Ministry of social, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation
  9. Ministry of Culture and Fine Art
  10. Ministry of Law and Vocational Training 
  11. Ministry of Justice 
  12. Ministry of Planning 
  13. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
  14. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery

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