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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Like is easy

life is so short so we should think about how to manage our life be better and happy. mostly i like the normal life living like a normal people in the country side however as today is a technology era i think life should be more than normal like to do a simple things but we need to integrate the classic style and modern style together. most of the time, in particular, on weekend i used to go out the city and have a fresh air with my friends. it is my style to have a good feeling with nature in the countryside.

this weekend i just went to Tamao mountain with my friends around 10 people. i feel so good to be with them but one thing that i don't like is that they just drive a car so fast in order to reach the place without taking relax along the road to take some fresh air and see the beautiful landscape with green field of rice and palm tree along the road to the place. mostly i like to drive slowly and stop some place to have a local food and chat with local people to make happy and get fresh air. i like to get a normal local food like CHEK CHEOUN (banana fried) or fried frog and so on. it is a normal life of the local people where i would like to see the living style of them. actually i got some picture on my phone i will post it and i think you all like this like me too.

life is easy if we think that it is easy!!!!!!!
don't forget to have a good life na! oz life is so short. i feeel that we should do something is good for ourself and also for the society too, then the young generation will recognize us that we did well. at least we have something good for the next generation. hopefuly our friends will try to do a good thing for the society.

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