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Friday, September 21, 2007

ice cream with sticky rice

last weekend, i just went out to PRASAT pagoda where is locate in western of phnom penh city with my friends who are my neighbors. along the road to the place is so beautiful with green landscape and water since this season is raining season. i feel it is relax to be here especially along the road where i went like in the middle of the water.

on the way to the place i saw a small businessman who sold an ice cream with his motor. normally we call it "CAREM KEY BAY DOMNEUP" (ice cream with sticky rice). it so delicious. i think if you test it you can enjoy it so much with their local test. i just asked him where he come from, he said he came from Koh Thom district in Kandal province where it is my natal village too. we stopped there to have ice cream with sticky rice because we did not get something for our breakfast te!!! he hahahaha!!!

don't forget to test na otherwise you never know the local test of ice cream made in Cambodia te!!!!!

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