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Friday, September 28, 2007

wedding of my relative

last week, i went to joint my relative wedding in Koh Thom District, Prek Sdey commune, Kandal province. it was so happy to be there since a bit long time for me to go there after more than one year staying abroad. i met many relatives and it made me so exited to be with them. when i reach there they finish having lunch already so i just sit down and talked with my relatives to know their living situation and others matters.

all of my relative were so welcomed and made me so happy. some they looked at me and ask me something on my working conditions and the living situation in Germany where i stayed for more than one year. i just tell them the situation in the western style and it was not so good than our country. mostly i wished to stay in Cambodia more than in other country. if we just stay for short time period it is ok for me.

i knew that the living situation in other country is not so easy as we stay in our country with our friends and family and other supporting system.

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