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Monday, October 29, 2007

today my office start lauching a new internet connection with 254 mhp speed. it is a very great for my office to have an opportunity to access internet in order to get more news updated information and new technology for improving the working performance. As PMU is a core strategic office to coordinate and facilitate working conditions with both development partner and government agencies for fostering the legal and judicial reform, it is more important for all staffs in the pmu office to make more effective and efficient communication with all stakeholders. Internet access is a core tool for pmu to make effective and effiecient coordination and cooperation with implementing agencies in monitoring and coordinating all reform activities which developed in the sevent strategic objective framework of the legal and judicial reform strategy which is a second priority policy framework of the royal government of Cambodia in the rectangular strategy of the third mandate legislative.

The tool, hopefuly, will help pmu staffs to reach the goal of effective and efficient coordination and monitoring the reform activities implemented by both government agencies and development partners, including NGOs and civil society in Cambodia. So far among the seven strategies of the legal and judicial reform framework have been implemented by government agencies and development partner through NGOs and other civil society organizations.

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