This website "Cambodian Law" is a small contribution of the access to laws and regulations of Cambodia and hope it can help interested people getting more understanding of the existing laws and regulations, including policy and strategy of the government of Cambodia. most of the information is refer to the link of other website. I would like to sincerely thank for all valuable website where i linked to for allow me to do so for Cambodian people and other interested people.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Access to Cambodian law

Information concerning to the laws and regulations in Camnbodia is so difficult to reach even i am working in the legal and judicial reform council but information sharing is still a challenges for me and for my colleages. Some time when i want to get a new law passed by the national assembly i need to contact my friends who working in the different government institution involving legal framework. I think one way that every body can help is needing everybody support to share legal information for each other by using the blog to put all legal and regulations you had in your hand on the your blog and then we can share.

Now in my blog i tried to post some important laws and regulations in my blog and hopefully i can find more legal documents and hosting in my blog in order to provide more information concerning to access to legal information in Cambodia. my plan will continue to update all legal information in my blog. However it needs very much your support to provide other legal information as well in order to share and make legal information accessing more reliable and accessible to all people.

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