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Friday, March 21, 2008

Presentation of Country Report

It is a very great time for me and my colleagues to have an opportunity to present our Cambodian country report on the justice system for Japanese student and officials and other participants from other countries who take part in the young leaders program on Constitution of legal system. mostly i present an overview of our country related to the background and history and our culture as well. Importantly, i presented them the history of the legal system of Cambodia where it passed so many years of civil wars and many legal system has been introduced to the Cambodian legal system where we use to have a great legal and administration system from the past especially in the Khmer Empire (Angkor period).

All the Japanese participants were appreciated our presentation very much and they said that it was a great presentation to show them with am overview of Cambodia especially the Cambodian legal system from the past until now.

In the last day of the training, i was selected to be a representative of the Team of all participans to provide thank speech in the closing ceremony. it was a great opportunity for me too and also for the Cambodian Team as well to have a specially representative for all participants in the training.

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