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Monday, March 3, 2008

Japan Visit

It is a good chance for me to come to Japan for a short training Course on Legal System with my colleagues who work with me in the PMU of Legal and Judicial Reform. i arrived Tokyo on 25 February 2008. it is my first time in Tokyo. I think it is similar situation like i used to stayed in Germany for more than one year for my master degree of Public Management in Potsdam University in Berlin. However the population in the city is a bit crowded compared to Germany.

this is some pictures that i took in Tokyo during my stay in Japan.

the people is so kind and they use to bow a lot. the city is covered by so many high building and crowded. Unfortunately during my stay is not the time for the Sakura flowers that why i can't see the beautiful Sakura flower season. the beautiful Sakura season is around the end of March and beginning of Avril.

i have a chance to test a Japanese Sushi. i think the test is good and i like it so much. i went to one restaurent near in the Shinsuku region. it is crowded i have to wait many poeple to test that Sushi. The sauce is good test i like it. all fish is fresh. i take it with sauce. my friend take more than 8 plates which one plate is costing according to the color of plates from 130 yen to 600 yen.

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