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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stress will kill you!

It is a good chance for us to have a beautiful time and happiness together with family and friends. I of course think that to get a good time together is some time difficult since we are all busy with many thing around us for getting some thing for our life and our family. Most of people around us is so busy to find money and fit family. Some time we don't have time to enjoy what we get from our efforts. the most important thing most people tries their best to get money for their life and there is no time to relax.

some scholar they said that most illness is come from the stress and concerned problem in the daily life. As the world is developed more and more then human being is challenged more and more as well. They try very hard to deal with many problem in the daily life to fight against those challenges in order to have a good life or superb life. However they don''t think the effect of the working hard without taking relax. Some time we don't know what is life? what is the purpose of life? it is only to get a lot of money with beautiful house, luxury car or titling as excellency?

For me happiness life is very difficult to define and we need to consider to many aspects in the society whether we should only live in normal people or challenged people. Actually according to my understanding, actually there are three main kinds of human being which are:
  1. Normal human being who want to have a normal life and don't challenge against any thing. they just try to live in peace and happiness with a minimum living life
  2. more than normal but not so challenged people. some time they want to be the best some time they relax and some time they don't care.
  3. most challenged people where they want to be the best and try their best to deal and get some thing in their life. they don't care they just want to challenge and get the best in the society.
whatever you like it is up to you. however i think life is not so long since each can't reach 30,000 days. everybody will stay in the globe only those days. so we should have a good life with happiness and relaxation.

I just red one book "leaving stress will getting happiness" by Dale Carnegie and it has been translated by Mr. Un Tim in Khmer. it is a good book said about how to deal with stress and making our mind peace and happiness. Actually there are three theories to deal with stress which are
  1. live one day for one day. don't think to the past or future and try to deal only the day that it is.
  2. if there is stress or problem comes, please do (1) to think that what is the biggest effect of the problem? (2) then try to accept it. it is not the end of the world; and (3) try to write down what are the solution that you should deal with then try to deal with the problems according to your choice
  3. remember that stress can destroy our life
if you want to see more you can find this book. hope you can release some stress.

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