This website "Cambodian Law" is a small contribution of the access to laws and regulations of Cambodia and hope it can help interested people getting more understanding of the existing laws and regulations, including policy and strategy of the government of Cambodia. most of the information is refer to the link of other website. I would like to sincerely thank for all valuable website where i linked to for allow me to do so for Cambodian people and other interested people.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cambodia law

Actually in Cambodia so far, access to law and regulation is still a challenge for all interested people in Cambodia who want to look for law and regulations enacted by the parliament and government of Cambodia. according to the constitution of the kingdom of Cambodia,it said clearly that law and regulations can be enforced even there is disseminated through the official gazette. however, so far the official gazette is published weekly but the content and the number of the laws and regulations published in the official gazette by the general Department of official gazette are limited. Most of the content in weekly issue focusing more on promotion and appointment act rather than laws and regulations.

during this few years, a number of initiative to publish on time and full content of law and regulation has been introduced but there is no single database on law and regulation of Cambodia has been hosting.

in my blog there are more than 100 laws and regulations of Cambodia that i has compiled and upload in my blog. some file is from other website source of Cambodia. i would like to thanks all other source that hosted some law and regulation.

the way i do for my blog is trying to compile all existing law and regulation from other website and source in a single database and some other laws that are not in the website source, i uploaded them.

i do believe that my blog is still missing many things and need more idea and construction initiative for better disseminating law and regulation of Cambodia. so far i just take some free time at night to update my blog, especially, Cambodia law.

all comments and suggestions are very much welcomed.

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