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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Short Internship on Intellectual Property Rights in Sweden

I am now in the Malmo in Sweden where i am attending a short course and internship program of the Intellectual Property Rights and Genetic Resource framework. This internship training will take for three weeks with comprising some lectures from professional lecturers who involved in the Intellectual Property Rights in Sweden, Germany, EU, Denmark and other people from WIPO. UPOV, CBD, ABS and so on.

Actually there are around 23 interns from different group in Intellectual Property rights. The are from different continent of Africa, Latin America, Former Soviet Union, Asia and Europe. Actually, the internship was taken place for around one week already and i found out that it was so interesting to gain more now knowledge and experiences.

The second week i will be moved to Stockholm to see more how the Swedish intellectual property rights manage and implement. i do hope that i will gain more experiences on that issues.

For last week i will come back again Malmo and spend the whole week for getting some presentations from other intern officers from around the world.

Of course the weather is cold here. Today is around 4 oC.


Cтудентське Наукове Товариство said...

may i ask u for some more info how you've found that programme?
Now im doing my master in Lund(close to Malmo) and very interested in any possibilities to practive achieved knowledge)

where can i find some more info?
here is my mail -

thanx in advance,

Dara said...


i am so sorry for very late reply you since i just came back from abroad and i am so so busy during that time.
of course actually you can find that int he website of SIDA of Sweden and i am not sure whether you can participate or not since mostly they provide for government staff. however please try your best then i believe that you can get it.

good luck,